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Casinos by DelVecchio

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Horseshoe Casino Baltimore Online

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StanleyBet: When Explodes the Bomb

There’s no two without three. The third judgment of the Court of Justice has come up with the Italian betting system and rightly at Stanleybet. There’s no two without three. The third judgment of the Court of Justice has come up with the Italian betting system and rightly at Stanleybet. Following the “Gambelli” judgment of 2003 and the “Placanica” judgment of 2007, the judgment on “Costa-Cifone” cases of the European Court of Justice came on 16 February 2012. THE NEW GENERAL FRAMEWORK It will be increasingly difficult to place seals on non-concessional betting agencies, as long as they are linked to a foreign bookmaker (asRead More →

Court of Auditors: a Earthquake between Slots

Two sentences in two days, two batoste for Italy. Within 48 hours of the European Court of Justice ruling that gave Stanleybet reason, there was another joke for the Game Boot: the Court of Auditors decided on the Slot Criminal Case, requiring dealers to shell out 2 billion and Half an euro. A salty account Ten companies involved, but above all the tall plans of the Monopoly. Each dealership will have to pay between 200 and 300 million euros. The figure is salty because everything starts in 2004 and eight years after the bill is salted. Here because: In 2004, the 10 network dealers (Read More →

Court of Auditors: Snai Announces First Appeal

Not only will it have to pay 210 million euros, but in the Business Square the title will lose 8.28 percent. The Court of Auditors‘ judgment on the Slots is a double blow to Snai. The group born in 1990 and 1999, leader in Italy in the provision of telematic services for the collection and management of horse racing, sports betting, betting competitions and automated entertainment equipment, but it does not. Snai will appeal against the Court of Auditors’ judgment concerning penalties for alleged failures in managing the start-up phase of the telematic network. “An in-depth analysis is underway to assess the scope of theRead More →

Stanleybet: Who Lays Wounds?

When there is a winner, there is always at least one win. Are you sure you understand who lost? In all the battles there are winners and losers, moral triumphs and defeated reflexes. After the judgment of the European Court of Justice, Stanleyet came out victorious . But who lost? Italy. The Italian game system, which has put us back. But in these cases the domino effect is just at the beginning and the daggers have just begun to fall on each other. The other batosta And that the national betting system is still not the latest. Luxembourg‘s last verdict gave reason to the EnglishRead More →

VideoPoker: The Word Passes to Auditors

The issue of the VLT rooms solved by passing the ball to the first Italian citizens. New rooms of Vlt: must decide the mayors. The first citizens would be cut off by a decision-making system which then leads to authorization and, therefore, to the opening of new halls in the cities where they were elected and administered. Yet, a revolution like that of a new hall does not go for the mayors who instead find themselves having to manage the new scenarios from a social and health point of view and with all the implications that arise. He asks the PD in the question submittedRead More →

Champion Casino and Player Protection

The European Casino Association (ECA) has decided that instead of curing it is better to anticipate the evils. Word order: prevention. In the words of President Carlo Pagan, the heart of politics: “Italy and European casinos will have to aim to protect the player before he can run into the game’s problems.” A code supported by five pillars that will be the bearer of the members of the European association: 1. player protection, 2. regular training sessions, 3. responsible advertising campaigns, 4. sponsorship of research and cooperation with the agencies involved in prevention, 5. Ensuring quality measures, programs and processes. Italy does not adhere toRead More →

United States: Stop the Century Rush

No one had ever come in so much: $ 7 million in a few years. As? Well, that’s simple. Just watch Ocean’s 11 … False shuffle and microphone in cigarette filters. No, they are not the new technology of the next chapter of the Ocean’s saga, of the notorious luxury band that has become famous in the box office movie with a shaky cast. But they are real criminals who in 10 years robbed US casinos up to a $ 7 million booty. They began their blows in 2002. Skill with cards accompanied by a criminal genius capable of elaborating worthy plans of Brad Pitt‘sRead More →

There are three ways to poke the casinos: luck, skill, and wit. The genius of the scammers, the ones who can scratch all the green table and enter the story for the most successful blow. There are three ways to poke the casinos: luck, skill, and wit. The genius of the scammers, the ones who can scratch all the green table and enter the story for the most successful blow. Of course, it’s not easy in either of three cases. But history has given us pearls of ingenuity, albeit outlawed, that after the arrest of the band Tran Organisation, as we have been told, thatRead More →